So far in the foot reflexology, when performing a diagnosis as skin changes, vegetative reactions or sensitivities to pain, he knew which body was hidden behind the symptoms, but instead did not know what was happening specifically to that body. The new aid diagnosis: I can now enter the results in the module reflex areas of the feet of my QUANTEC device and then scan my patients with the same apparatus. Thus I see in detail the causes and, at the same pace, is also offered me a proposal for optimal therapy. Such therapy is not just about drugs, but also clarifies the psychosomatic background of the disease that caused the symptoms reflected in the relevant area. The new therapy: In my practice, obviously, therapy still consists of reflexology, whenever possible when the distances are short. In cases where it is not, with the help of my QUANTEC elaborated ointments that patients should rub on the right or treatments performed remotely with QUANTEC areas.