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The Yuen Method is an energy medicine technique that combines the ancient healing art practiced in the Shaolin temple in China with Western science. The Yuen Method has been developed after a life dedicated to the study of martial arts, and merges anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic techniques, quantum physics and the practice of Qi and Shen Gong.

Human beings are extremely complex, with many levels of consciousness. The application of the Yuen Method is to check that all these levels of consciousness fit together, as a preliminary step that can relieve pain and achieve predetermined objectives.

Faced with certain topics, you will be strong or weak energy

Dr. Yuen will teach you to identify weaknesses, to make corrections and become strong energy. Detecting weaknesses are much like the action of turning a function on your computer. You are online or offline.

In the West, the pain is usually with drugs, equipment and instruments. There are some people with chronic pain who suffer greatly, to which they are constantly repeated that they will have to learn to live with it. But who wants to learn to live with pain?

In the East, pain as a symptom of deeper factors derived contemplated. There is a failure in the energy flow in the body that cause this manifestation physically.

The Yuen Method teaches you to identify those deeper key factors. To find the root of the problem, and after eliminating, eradicating both the physical symptoms and emotional problems, fears, phobias and possible limitations.

As human beings, we are unique and multidimensional individuals. We are similar in many respects and yet very different. Everyone has their own ideas, fears, phobias, likes and dislikes. Furthermore, we are provided with many levels of consciousness. In most cases, what they say and think on a conscious level is not what we favor a subconscious level. This is why blockages occur.
We think and, on many occasions, certainly we think we know what we want; but our subconscious can support or not those desires.
We spent every day of our lives thinking and saying: This is what I want or what I want, but to all levels of consciousness support the thought, we will not achieve neither health nor our goals.

The Yuen Method can distinguish and correct the multiple layers that prevent the expression of our highest potential.

The path of health, prosperity, integrity, success, free from stress and pain is the right of every human being has from the moment of birth.
With this work, we will gradually reeled our problems. Each time you remove a layer, something new appears on the surface. While we have removed more layers closer to the core of the problem we are. We have to go taking off those outer layers of the problems until you find the real cause. Only then true healing occurs.

The Yuen Method is a technique that everyone can learn and everyone can be taught, including children.

It makes available to all, getting rid, in minutes, of their own ailments and their family, friends and even your pets. May find it miraculous being able to eradicate these pains that have accompanied them for so many years and these emotional concerns, fears or chronic conditions.

Dr. Yuen believes that we just have to ignore the belief that it is impossible. No special gift is needed. Nor should we think or have to be clairvoyant or have specific beliefs. We ask only that you keep your mind wide open to see for himself the changes taking place before their eyes.

Healing is one of the most important responsibilities we have today. We can not expect a better world if we walk back and forth constantly with unresolved physical and emotional injuries.

Dr. Yuen want the cure again make available to the people. Healing is part of who we are. We can not keep waiting for somebody else to put us up.

The Yuen Method is a powerful tool because it puts at your fingertips the means for healing. This is not being said that Western medicine or otherwise does not have its own space, but both can work together for the benefit of all.

Dr. Yuen offers the key to your health and your body manual. You decide whether you take the step and opens the first page.