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Presentation packaging type Jar - 50 ml Airless.

Gladback ® (Multifunctional Active aging attenuates the various effects of aging).

CITRUSTEM ® (wrinkle stem cells, renews the skin and increases firmness and elasticity).

Sweet Almond Oil (Emollient).

Shea butter (Moisture).

Alfa bisobolol (Soothing and decongestant).

Vitamin F (Antioxidant).

Non-oily emulsion type cream white, with perfume without allergens and paraben preservatives. Formulated with assets to combat photoaging and natural aging or hormonal, ideal for dry, dull, flabby and wrinkled. CITRUSTEM Gladback ® ® and multifunctional way act against aging and menopause on the skin, Vitamin C is an antioxidant and Shea Butter Moisturizing served basis. Apply on clean skin of the face and neck both day and night. It is recommended to combine action with Anti-Aging Serums Rohen Lab.