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Presentation in jar type, natural plastic container shutter 50 ml. Aloe Vera, Sodium Hialuranato, Gotu Kola, panthenol, Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil, Calendula.

Amarillente cream color, with allergen-free fragrance and paraben preservatives. The base is soft and is formulated with carbohydrate esters as emulsifiers indicated especially for sensitive skin or after aggressive treatments medical-aesthetic as Laser or peeling. It has a high content of Aloe Vera moisturizing and regenerating character. Also it is formulated with panthenol, vitamin E, Centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid, Calendula and Rosehip.

Forms a protective film on the skin oily nice touch and almost imperceptible to the user.
Its indications are:

  • Healing and regulating inflammatory processes
  • Reconstructs the barrier function of the skin, maximizing the healing process.
  • Thanks to the hyaluronic acid has a filler effect and promotes retention of water by the skin, besides acting as a film which retains water.
  • Eudérmia improves.
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