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BEMER® physical vascular therapy

To improve microcirculation

BEMER® physical vascular therapy is an effective method to improve limited microcirculation, that is, blood flow in the blood vessels more
little ones. Metabolic processes take place in this area. Thus, improving microcirculation can have numerous positive effects on health and well-being.
of people. The treatment is easy to apply on your own and is used in medicine, in competitive and popular sports and in countless homes in
all the world.
It is microscopically small and yet it has a great influence on the state of health and well-being of people: microcirculation, that is, the circulation of the
blood through the fine, widely branched network of tiny tiny blood vessels. This represents 74% of all blood circulation in people.
In recent years, medicine has paid increasing attention to this topic. Ultimately, microcirculation is responsible for supplying the body's cells with oxygen and nutrients and for removing metabolic waste. With increasing age, due to unhealthy lifestyle habits and environmental influences, the
circulation in these tiny vessels deteriorates, with far-reaching consequences: the effects can range from wellness disorders like headaches
or poor performance to back and limb pain and chronic diseases or worsen the course of diseases.

The innovative therapy from Europe.

BEMER INT. Liechtenstein AG recognized the importance of microcirculation decades ago and has since been dedicated to research and constant development.
of an effective treatment method. BEMER® physical vascular therapy stimulates limited vasomotion (adequate vessel movement) by means of a signal
specific electromagnetic and thus improves microcirculation. Therefore, it can be an effective instrument to support health and well-being.

Simple and effective.

BEMER® physical vascular therapy is very easy to apply. The BEMER-Sets already contain everything you need for this: an easy-to-use control device, the mat
full-length B.BODY, a B.SPOT application module for selective treatments in the Classic-Set and additionally a B.PAD application module for
small area treatments in the Pro-Set.

BEMER® vascular physical therapy is used successfully in countless homes around the world, as well as in many medical offices and sports in

Scientifically proven and experienced by numerous users.

Since the company was founded, BEMER has strived to advance research in the field of microcirculation. The effect of BEMER® physical vascular therapy on altered microcirculation has been scientifically proven. The positive effects on the human organism are of general medical knowledge and so varied that it is worth trying them. Many users have already done so and are excited.

About BEMER Int. AG //

BEMER Int. AG was founded in 1998 and is a company with international activity in the health sector. The company, based in Triesen / Liechtenstein, is a company
Technology developer and inventor of BEMER® physical vascular therapy, a class IIa medical device (CE0483) approved in the EU.
The company's main competence is the research and development of highly technological solutions for the physiotherapy of microcirculation disorders. The treatment devices have been developed for daily use in both the professional and private sectors.

BEMER Int. AG offers appliance systems in the fields of human and veterinary medicine.