We teach you everything related to both theory and practice in eyelash extensions. Extensions have become fashionable all over the world.



- The tab, composition, life cycle.

- Analysis of products in the market. Types eyelashes.

- Purchases and suppliers.

- Cost instruments. Escandallo of service. Prices.

- Practical cases in which we will treat different protocols. Form of eyes, eyelids and types of eyelash.

- Classification and better protocol to follow.

- Technical difficulties depending on the type of eye.

- Hygiene and safety.

- Coaching: how to sell and how to answer the most common questions.



- Preparation of the work place. Safety and hygiene.

- 1er. Case with model. First put. File to fill in.

- Photo, before and after.

- Choice of type of setting. Eye analysis and material selection.

- Security protocol.

- TECHNIQUE: Step by step in the adhesion of eyelashes.

- Care tips when finishing.

- 2nd Case with model. Cleaning and filling extensions.

- Before and after photo.

- How to remove extensions.

- Recommendations and next appointment.


(Delivery of the agenda developed on the day of the course)



Theory Notebook and Practice KIT which includes, Tweezers, glue, stir, 3 trays of extensions that include all sizes, brush bag and 10 pairs of patches.

DIPLOMA in "Stylist in Eyelash Extensions"

Places limited to 4 people by rigorous order of registration.

Course amount: 590 euros - 8 hours. Kit included. (Without Kit 440 euros).

The place will only be booked firmly after payment of 30% of the course fee.