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Package of 60 capsules of 596 mg. Ext. Dry St. John's wort, Lisado fish, Ext. Dry valerian, L-Tryptophan, Glutamine, Ext. Dry lavender, Ext. Dried lemon balm, Ext. Dry oatmeal, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin B12.

St. John's wort has antispasmodic properties and helps balance the nervous system, normalize the processes taking place in mood swings. The lysate ansiedady pescadoalivia stress state, the concentration and effectiveness brain (especially memory). Valerian has sedative properties and is suitable for nervous and depressive disorders helping to establish the heart rate to have a calming effect. The L-Tryptophan promotes relaxation, provides a healthy sleep and a stable mood. Glutamine helps improve mental performance in cases of discouragement or stress. Melissa has carminative properties and fights nervous system disorders. Oatmeal has properties toning effect and balancing the nervous system. Vitamin B6 helps keep the nervous system in good condition and absorb vitamin B12. Vitamin B1 helps the brain to absorb glucose from decuada way. Folic acid helps prevent depression. Vitamin B12 is important for proper metabolism of folic acid.


Take three capsules a day before meals.


This product incorporates hypericum should not be used simultaneously with other medications for anxiety