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Package of 60 and 90 capsules. Contains:.. Glucosamine 215mg, Condroit • na 85mg, 85mg MSM, shark cartilage 85mg, 43mg Turmeric Ext, Ext Harpagofto (IO) 43mg, 8mg hyaluronic acid. vegetable capsule.

13 function glucosamine is to stimulate formation and repair of articular cartilage. Supplementation with glucosamine can help increase the amount of cartilage and fluid surrounding the joints or prevent deterioration, MSM is necessary for the proper functioning and structure of our body mineral, relieves pain associated with systemic diseases, provides substantial and lasting people suffering inflammatory processes in joints relief, tendons, etc. Chondroitin is a major constituent of cartilage, elastic connective tissue found FitoNal • Shark Cartilage is a substance composed of macro protein, calcium, collagen and glicosarninoglicanos, which is capable of joints and is important for the Maint ent of cartilage, as it provides its mechanical and elastic properties.

penetrate and strengthen the joints to prevent joint deterioration. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve pain in March and eliminate toxins from the body. Its active ingredients increase the natural production of cortisone, without causing gastric irritation, or alter the nervous system. The devil's claw has properties antirreumát-cas, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in processes of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Hyaluronic acid, being an essential component of articular cartilage, it has been found that their use in degenerative joint diseases, have a regenerative effect articular cartilage ..


Take 3 capsules spread throughout the day.