The amazing recovery from a Spanish imperial eagle

Once a year the company donates a QUANTEC QUANTEC team for a non-profit project. In 2012 the donation went to the Eagle Foundation and Dr. Juan Manuel Blanco, responsible for research programs for the conservation of this entity veterinarian.

Birds of prey tend to use poles of medium voltage lines as perches from which to spot potential prey.

Electrocution has less impact on small birds, but the eagles - for its great wingspan - are at high risk of electrocution, the leading cause of death in nature.

Dr. White is dedicated to the conservation of the Iberian imperial eagle, which often come to recovery centers or hospitals with extensive wildlife injured by electrocoagulation.

  You have to see this video to capture empathy and enthusiasm with which he treats his birds:

In wildlife opposite happens. Communication wildlife veterinarian with the patient becomes an art.

It was for this reason that Dr. White contacted us: QUANTEC allows remote treatment without direct contact with birds of prey.

The first case was precisely sent an imperial eagle with severe injuries due to electric shock and serious prognosis before the QUANTEC team arrived just in time to treat it:

The amazing recovery from a Spanish imperial eagle >>>