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250ml and 500ml bottles. It Contains: Ext dry (5: 1). Grama, Sarsaparilla, Fumaria, Parietaria, Dandelion, Arenaria, Nettle Green, Horsetail, Oregano, Desmodium, Meliloto, potassium sorbate, Fructose. Excipient: qs Purified water.

La Grama is a herbaceous plant that has a diuretic effect and hepaprotector. Sarsaparilla is effective as a tonic, diuretic
and sudorífico. Depurative, diuretic and colagogos the plant Fumaria, make its synergy with Sarsaparilla
lla is perfect to enhance all its benefits. The parietaria, known as "grass walls" has a diuretic effect,
liver decongestant and is used to treat kidney disease. Dandelion is used against diseases of the system
urinary, and colagogos its diuretic effects are noticeable and effectiveness. The Arenaria has a flavonoids
that give it a diuretic action and action coumarins and antililiácica (property of dissolving kidney stones). nettle
It is appreciated as an excellent hepatic draining and diuretic. The action Diuretic Horsetail, it is accompanied by a
fuerta remineralization that is essential in order to avoid moods. Oregano is a help to avoid
General asthenia and a great help for mineralizing effects of horsetail. The Desmodium has multiple uses
phytotherapy, although in the formula we use for their preventive effects of liver disease, liver disorders and for the
gallbladder. The Meliloto is mildly diuretic and is a good synergist Ortiga.


Take 2 caps. Ingested directly or mixed with water. One can also dilute
in 1.5 L of water and drink it throughout the day. Shake before using.