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The universe is light, paradoxically every time we talk more light but because of the pace of our lives we go away from it.

Artificial light has replaced completely to sunlight, probably not spend more than 10% of our time outdoors bathed in natural light, but also when we are indoors light we use is not appropriate without the specter of natural light, sunlight, and poor intensity hampers our dynamism and darkens our emotions.

If there is not enough light the pineal gland produces melatonin, the sleep hormone is called, generating states of exhaustion, insomnia and lack of vitality, lack of energy in short. 1,000 lux are required for the pineal gland to produce melatonin leave. The lack of light because it is the source of many serious disorders, including seasonal and non-seasonal depression, insomnia, stress, etc.

Bathrooms with natural light, light therapy, slow the production of melatonin, which is responsible for sending the body the message idle, sleep and off the pace of daytime activity, and because of that more serotonin is produced, which is responsible for the dynamism cerebral.

The phototherapy is so well known and valued by researchers and scientists who led the American Psychiatric Association aa ask for a study to estimate the results of treatment of phototherapy, which had already proved effective in the Nordic countries, the study found that the phototherapy improved depressive states, at best, with equal or superior results antidepressant medication and psychotherapy.

phototherapy, is a product of the highest quality that even exceeds 2,000 lux clinical treatment to treat seasonal depression commonly used 10,000 lux. 12,000 lux Natural Light, phototherapy offer a bathroom with natural light, with over 90% color rendering CRI, its light is exceptional, very warm, very welcoming, plus the color temperature of the Natural Light, phototherapy, 5,000 kelvins, makes the impression of being bathed in sunlight have, to this must be added circular gives the impression of being in front of a true and powerful sun shape.

phototherapy, also allows you to make wonderful phosphenes and at the same time, illuminate your place of work or study exceptionally producing what is called phosphenes by reflection of light.

The phototherapy has certified its effectiveness in improving the mood of vital tone, depressive disorders, sleep problems also in bipolar patients and all kinds of disturbances of circadian cycles.
With phototherapy lamp Natural Light, you will get among many other applications:

Marca de verificación gruesa improve the vitality
Marca de verificación gruesa processes reduce seasonal depression and not seasonal
Marca de verificación gruesa It reconciles the dream beating insomnia
Marca de verificación gruesa You get a powerful support to drug therapy in neurodegenerative diseases
Marca de verificación gruesa will regulate circadian rhythm dysfunctions
Marca de verificación gruesa It will balance the emotions generated optimism and away the negative ideas
Marca de verificación gruesa will enhance all the cognitive functions
Marca de verificación gruesa reduce stress being alert and attentive but not defensive consuming the body's energy reserves
Marca de verificación gruesa improve your cognitive ability, phototherapy associated with phosphenes produces a burst of neuronal activity
Marca de verificación gruesa will store more quality and speed thanks to the phosphenes
Marca de verificación gruesa awaken creativity and intuition
We take this opportunity to remind you that you have available Neurosincronizador: the principle of brain stimulation by alternative hearing. The neurosincronizzción is to stimulate the brain, alternately in the right ear and then the left ear, with a regular rhythm, with a sound that can be a buzzing, clicking, or both partners, even combining any of them or both with music, creating a rhythm in thought. While regular and simultaneous sounds in both ears enervate, the same rhythms alternative hearing (neurosincronizador) relax and improve the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres.

repose of mind, greater optimism, an enrichment of thought, an improvement of personality, creativity and artistic sense, and sometimes even a momentary relief from certain disorders then notes. The use of alternative hearing and reviewing the study promotes better understanding, attention remains without fatigue, intellectual work is of better quality and better organized, the issues, even difficult, become more attractive. The neurosincronización is a widely used both by students to prepare for their exams, for people who lead an active life to stimulate their creativity and optimize their technical skills. It also has applications in the processes of low vitality or insomnia. PRO rhythms created especially for neurosincronización, with a special music that is associated with the rhythms of the chatter and buzz.

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