We can imagine the diode that generates white noise as the quartz tubes of televisions and radios used earlier. The noise is the "white" because its representation on a black screen as flickering white dots. It resembles the look that offers a TV screen on after the end of the broadcast. The noise of the QUANTEC diode itself can be compared with an adjusted ratio between two radio stations and sometimes emits bass, high whistles and, then, again making noise at intermediate frequencies in a random and with no recognizable pattern.

However, this change in the instant at which this noise is connected to consciousness. At this time, these changes can be interpreted and the computer. QUANTEC uses this possibility of interaction with the consciousness by working with white noise inputs concordant their databases (eg affirmations, acupuncture, Bach flowers, homeopathy, colors, etc.).

The diode as interface between consciousness and machine investigates more than 30 years ago, which were obtained clear results. Countless tests on people and animals have proved that diodes with white noise are able to act as an interface between different forms of consciousness characteristics and computers. The French René Peoc'h could even prove his experiments in the sleep laboratory , this also works completely without awareness. Under the Global Consciousness Project, it is now even records the collective consciousness of all human beings on our planet.