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FISICO.- LEVEL 1. Pertaining to the body, including all biological and biochemical systems.

2. MENTAL LEVEL belongs to mind and thought processes that can be functional or dysfunctional and have capapcidad weaken and strengthen the body's systems.

EMOCIONAL.- LEVEL 3. Positive or negative emotions have the potential to stimulate strong reactions in our physiology.

4. LEVEL PSICOLOGICO.- combination of mental and emotional patterns deeper level. Psychological belongs to loss of emotional control. Emotional behavior becomes psychotic.

5. LEVEL PSÍQUICO.- belongs to the extraordinary processes, sensory extra and no physical or mental, such as extrasensory perception and telepathy. To a greater or lesser extent, we all respond to the psychic forces.

6. LEVEL ESPIRITUAL.- Our spirit is the life force that makes the body work. The degree to which we are connected or disconnected from our spiritual level, can have a huge impact on our overall health.